Perception, Illusion & Propaganda

October 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Design Practice In Context 2

This lecture was an interesting insight into how colour and illusions work hand in hand to trick the eyes and make them respond in different ways. The aim was to gain knowledge on how our brain responds to certain images through visual stimulation. Within this lecture we were exposed to an array of optical illusions and learned about how certain combinations of colour and shape can have effect on our vision.

There are many theories about colour and vision, however it is not fully understood. With certain images, there are negative after effects on the eye if you manage to stare at it for an extended amount of time, and doing so, our visual stimulus creates an illusory effect. The image below is an example of this:


This is due to the saturation and position of shapes in the image. What we look for in these images is often determined by what our brains expect us to see, and this is then altered by what we are actually seeing. Our brains subconsciously filter masses of information which has an effect on our perception.


This image was passed around the room. If you cover one eye and look at one side of the image, and bring the image towards you, the other side of the image will disappear because there is not enough information in our sensory vision to compute both sides of the image.


This combination of shapes and colours is a colour blind test. If you can read the numbers hidden within the shapes then you are not colourblind. Some people struggle or cannot see the numbers because their brains see the colours as too similar so their eyes cannot form a contrast.

This lecture was an interesting start to the context module. Although I have grown up and seen many optical illusions it was interesting to learn about how your brain manages the visual information presented to us in these illusions.


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