Taxonomy Seminar 10/10/13

October 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice

In this seminar we went around the group and each person stated what they had collected for the Taxonomy project and how they planned to use it in response to the brief. My collection of 30 door photographs was explained to the group and the following thoughts an ideas were generated:

  • Could I think about what was behind the doors and create some sort of design concerning this?
  • I could use the photographs to make a photo collage, the collage representing one door
  • The photos could be displayed on a physical door to enhance the meaning of the images
  • I should do an even split and have 15 photos in Greece and 15 in Manchester (this may involve the need to take more Manchester based photographs)
  • I should think about creating a photobook consisting of the photos, contrasting the difference between the doors in Greece and the ones in Manchester – this would give the Hong Kong students an insight of what the culture is like here compared to another European country)
  • Could the photos be organised in a particular fashion – ie by age (of door), location, type, purpose etc?
  • The photos worked best in portrait style rather than landscape (I should consider taking new shots or cropping existing ones to make them landscape)
  • I could try and pair the photos together with doors from each place based on similar features (arches, windows, steps etc)
  • Placing the photos together shows a strong juxtaposition between the two different places
  • I could cut out the shape of the door from the background and see if this creates new connotations within the images
  • Potential Artists/Movements to think about: Kevin Bauman, Daniel Eatock, Stephen Gill, Fluxus

This session really helped to gather some inspiration and ideas for the project. I will begin my research with mind maps, artist research and general taxonomy research so I can start to put the project together. 


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