Exemplary Taxonomy

October 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice

I have began to research the different ways in which taxonomy can be presented. The definiton of taxonomy is as follows:

A collection; a classification into ordered categories. A proposed taxonomy of educational objectives.

Taxonomy could be a physical collection, for example:

museum-beetle-specimens_47038_1 BBMBlog-Taxonomy120123-Birds


It can be a collection of data. Here I found two collections as data specified as taxonomy. Images taken from the visual content site Visual.ly:

the-taxonomy-of-teas_50291482d2a92 the-grand-taxonomy-of-rap-names_50290cd48f7e7

Both of these I consider to be infographic style. One way of thinking about taxonomy. Another way of presenting taxonomy is the way in which I approached the Summer brief (to collect 30 objects) which is through photographs. I recently came into possession of these two postcards, of which I believe are a taxonomy:


They each display a series of photographs of the same nature.  The first one contains landscape photographs, in particular focussing on the sky at different points in the day and showing the different colours that there are. The second one has photos taken in the same location but each one focusses (often through close up) on a different aspect of that setting. This one I think is more documentary style than the first, which I think applies more to my collection…as the photos I have taken document a journey via the sightseeing of various different looking doors.


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