Daniel Eatock

October 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice

My website is a tool where I both create works, and index and exhibit projects chronologically.

Daniel Eatock is a London based Graphic Designer and Photographer. The material found on his website is particularly interesting and relevant to this project because he has a lot of collections in his work, and he documents these collections through photographs, which is the way I have chosen to look at my collection. Here is part of just one of his many taxonomies, simply entitled ‘Empty Drinking Glasses’.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 19.01.08

On this collection, Richard Torchia (director of Arcadia University Art Gallery) said:

The collection plays on the appeal of getting something for nothing – in this case, the possibility of obtaining an entire collection of matching glassware. 

I particularly like Eatock’s work because he has a lot of collections that are not only different from each other but unique in general. Some of his collections include ‘Considered Accidents’ – a series o photographs of cars that contain indentation as part of their design, and ‘Car Batteries’ documentary photographs of various discarded car batteries. Each collection is presented in a slightly different way, for example the ‘Empty Drinking Glasses’ one uses studio photography, whereas the others use documentary or snapshot style photos.


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