Taxonomy Seminar 17/10/10

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice

Some more thoughts on how to take my project forward:

  • A book seems to be a good way to present my outcome
  • Using the images I have, experiment with different ways of presenting them – size, colour, layout, collage, paired up
  • The purpose of the brief is to present the 30 things in an interesting way – have I achieved this?
  • I should consider looking at some Art Books and Photography Books for inspiration – in particular Roma Publications who have a very conceptual approach
  • Will the book be made by hand or digitally?
  • What will the design of the front cover be?
  • What will the layout be – concertina, cut out, photo album style, any type involved?

What I am trying to show in my collection:

  • The difference between two cultures
  • Contrast of environments
  • Documenting a journey
  • Aesthetically pleasing images

The following quote that we were given today is actually very useful for my particular choice of collection:

This is the surface, but what lays beyond it?


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