Typography Sketches II

October 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Thinking & Practice 28/10/13

In this workshop we expanded on our task last week of creating type using different pen strokes. This time we worked on a larger scale. The first task was to sketch out letters on A3 paper using continuous, repetitive strokes. We did this by choosing a letter then sketching over it 50 times. We were encouraged to lock our wrists and get into a repetitive rhythm whilst drawing out the letters. Below are my results (I used a black biro).



I liked the results I got! The over use of strokes gives the lettering a wispy, scratchy appearance. Some of the letters are bolder than others and others narrower. I experimented with a range of letters, both uppercase and lowercase.

The next task was to work on a bigger scale than that. We used A2 paper and attached it to a wall using masking tape, and using thick graphite we were told to sketch out shapes and forms using the same repetitive technique. The shapes could be totally random and we could be as free as we wanted with it.



I like how the graphite is more intense and bold, it gives the shapes a more defined look.


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