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November 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Thinking & Practice Tutorial 04/11/13

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 14.01.17

Today we looked at text layers in After Effects and the different tools and effects you can use to animate font. A new blank composition was created. I typed some random text onto the composition and played around with the shift and scaling tool to resize and distort the text – holding the shift tool constrains the text so you can enlarge it and keep it at it’s correct proportional size. If you are wanting a particular size font in After EFfects, you are better using the point size and manually setting the size of your font rather than using the scaling tool.

In the character tools box (enabled by going to Window > Character) there are various settings to be found that can alter the leading, tracking, colour, etc. of the text and by changing the settings and moving the arrow along the timeline you can animate the text. You can also add text to a path. By using the pen tool and drawing out a path, you can animate the text a long the path so it follows the line you have drawn. You can also reverse flip it, have it go upside down or make it perpendicular to the path.

As well as this, you can also animate the position of the text – by adding a position operator (rename these if you have multiple to avoid confusion), you can tamper with the range selector controls and change the movement of that position. The advanced tab allows you to enhance it further by selecting individual words/letters and moving them around the composition – you can experiment with all of these settings to see what works best.

Opacity can also be reduced as one of the animators; this allows you to fade in/fade out text as part of the animation. In addition to this you can also go to ‘Browse Presets’ which then enables Bridge to open and display all the possible presets which you can apply to your sample text. Experimentation with these tools is key to help familiarise yourself with further After Effects settings.


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