Baseline Grids

November 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice

I was directed to this tutorial to help with the layout and design of my book.

It states how simplicity and structure is more important than an outrageous design style – something I think I can apply to my project, as the main focus of the book is the photographs. However the layout of the book will help to maintain a professional and more finished output.

Choosing a font and font size was the first step. Once this was decided the number of columns was chosen – as my book will consist of mainly photographs I set this only for the pages that included text (I did however use a grid system so that all my photos were in the same position and aligned properly). I set the margin to 10mm – margins give a page more structure and make it easier to read when it is full of information.


I then added headings to my pages, of which I assigned a leading to so that the text and headings would be in line with eachother. Aligning it to the baseline grid that was set up allows the text to not overlap the grid so everything will look smoother when viewed as a pdf.


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