Data Visualisation Seminar

December 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice Seminar 5/12/13

Our seminar on Thursday was mainly about discussing our initial responses to the new brief. I discussed my ideas about my data that I had collected on books. I collected some initial data found on the books in my house – and categorised them in terms of genre, price, hardback/paperback, and where they had come from (ie gift, second hand etc). I created an online survey from this which was aimed at 18 – 24 year olds on Facebook. This was to establish a general idea of the kind of books people read and where they get them from, and how often they read. After directives, it was clear that it would be better to make the data more specific so that the project has more meaning. it is also important to look at what aspects of data visualisation are interesting and perhaps choose one book and create data on that specific book. This could be done through word clouds, looking at the size and the number of pages and creating some visuals on the different words and language used in the book. It would also be interesting to look into bibliography – the study of or collection of books.


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