Money, Cost and Professionalism 3

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Design Practice In Context 2 Lecture 11/12/13

People employ us to do a design job because it is not within their field of knowledge. It is importance to have confidence in yourself and in your work and display this confidence before clients – if they see that you are not confident, they will trip on that immediately. If they see confidence, you will make headway. They want to see you being able to consider all aspects of their pitch. There is such a thing as ‘Full Service Agencies’ – agencies that don’t just do the design work – they do all the marketing for it as well. Turn Key

IP = Intellectual Property

IPR = Intellectual Property Rights

People OWN What they create – this includes ideas, brands, inventions, designs, written work, sons, performances etc. How do we protect ourselves? When we sell a design we no longer own the rights. Anything we produce for a company is theirs not ours.

Patents – These must be NEW. They are big organisations.

HOW things work

HOW they are made

WHAT they are made from

TECHNICAL contribution

Protection can be for as long as 16 years. It can be costly to implement and acquire. There are however benefits to this.

A trade mark is a sign that distinguishes your good / services from your competitors. It is the same as a brand. This is normally marked by (RG) or (TM). Copyright is automatic. It is automatic protection covering anything that you create. Design Right is the way an object looks. It is similar to copyright in that it is automatic, and similarly the key issue is proof of originality.


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