Pages & Motion in After Effects

December 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Thinking & Practice Tutorial 16/12/13

These tutorials looked at two different transitional effects, the page turn and the shuffle, in After Effects. Four images were imported into a 960 x 540 composition scaled down to fit the composition. Each image was pre-composed in order to make sure that the effects we apply work correctly. We then did a search in the effects and presets toolbar for ‘page’ and we find ‘CC Page Turn’ which can then be applied to each of the images if we alter the settings for the initial image.

The fold position was changed to make it look like a turn of the full page rather than just a fold of one corner. The presets were changed to enhance the appearance. The fold radius was set to 100, light direction changed, the back page changed to no image, the paper colour light grey, and a drop shadow was added via the search bar. You can drag frames out for how long they arerequired to last. The more layers you want, you can just copy the setting with the same presets and apply them to each layer.

The shuffle effect is another type of transition to use. Using the same images scaled down and pre-composed. We took the images off the composition and applied the motion blur. Once the images were dragged down you could see straight away that the motion blur had altered the appearance of the images. When each image is dragged out to a different position on the timeline it creates a cascading effect and another type of transition that can be used between various images.


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