Data Visualisation Seminar

January 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice Seminar 23/01/14

This was our first seminar back after the Christmas holidays and an insightful session which helped me to know where I want to take my idea.

In my proposal, I stated how I wanted to look at reading trends amongst my age group to see how people accessed their reading, for example, digital (kindle, iPad, internet) or physical (books, newspapers, magazines). However I want to get rid of this idea and focus on the other aspect I discussed in my proposal, which was data on the books purely that I own in order to draw some sort of interesting conclusion from that.

To do this, I need to look at what aspects of data visualisation are interesting and make a specific choice on what to draw out of my data. There are two things that I will explore. Firstly, using the spreadsheet I did of all the books (which categorized them in type, genre, size, price etc) I will create a series of graphics on this information. In these designs, I will look at my personal reading tendencies including recurring authors and genres and maybe look at number of pages, use of language etc.  This could be done through word clouds, graphs, charts, pie charts etc. Through this process, I will hopefully see why certain books have been so significant to me.

The other thing I will experiment with is choosing one book and creating data on that specific book. I will do some sketches of various ideas and analyse which I think will be the best way to approach this. Doing mind maps for each of these ideas will be useful so I can summarise all the possible elements I could look at. Some ideas are creating barcodes from the ISBN number, looking at the designs in different colours, sizes, angles, incorporating typography, and look at how it is best fitting the visualise my data.


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