Project Considerations

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Design Practice In Context 2 Lecture 29/01/14

If you don’t finance, you will lose money. You need to keep a trace on the market, finance and management of a project. This maintains a healthy relationship with the client.

Do you have the ability to do the job?

You have to make sure the job is within your limits. If it is not, you can commission someone else to do the job – still make a profit and get the job done, but make sure the work goes to the right person. If you don’t deal with specific issues they will come back to haunt you. Explain any concerns with the client as it is interest to help you get round any problems that may arise. Don’t be scared of failure – you can learn a lot from your mistakes. Some people will be able to look at a project and see it through right to the end. Some people will be purely conceptual – have ideas, but not be able to put them into practice. If you are a freelancer you need to know who you can call on to help you get the job done. If the project gets out of your control, that’s when you have to worry.

{Design Phase} {Execution Phase} |DEADLINE| {Implementation Phase}


When talking to industry and people who may want to employ you, you have to show confidence. Stay relaxed, always smile. Look people in the eye – it helps them to give you feedback and understand you more. Basic communication is key. Talking to someone new can be daunting especially if you are relying on them to employ you, so it is important to remain calm and confident. In presentations, look at your audience. Read them. Move things if necessary. Always be open. These factors are important to keep the attention of your audience but also to remain calm.


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