Data Visualisation Seminar

January 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice 30/01/14

In today’s seminar I explained my two approaches that I have chosen, showed the mind maps for these, some sketches and a first digital experiment. The following concludes what I took away from today’s session:

  • As the first digital experiments I did were pretty basic I need to look into making the data I talk about more complex. This was always intended but now I need to start creating the more interesting designs. These include looking at the collection as a whole; thinking about overall amount of pages read, total cost of books, oldest & newest book, when and where they were published, where they are set etc.
  • There was emphasis on the barcode generation idea; and perhaps having one of the designs in my final piece to be a series of barcodes embedded into a design or as the whole design, which are scannable using the Amazon mobile app – upon scanning the barcode it will take you to the book on the Amazon Website.
  • Researching other people’s libraries might be useful as I can look at how their library makes a possible statement on their personality and see whether this influences the kind of conclusion I want to make about the books I own. Also researching into how libraries catalogue their books and see if any aspects of that are similar to what I am trying to make.
  • By next week, my aims are to have a definite list of categories which I’m going to look at, to do a few more visual experiments but more complex this time around, and to continue with research on book collections and some possible artists to influence me along the way.



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