Reinforcing the Brand – Packaging

February 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Thinking & Practice Briefing 03/02/14

Today we received a side brief focussed on packaging and branding:

These tasks will focus on the retail sector within the mass
market, to identify and focus on a particular group/ segment
as likely consumers.

The Brief:
Example- Smirnoff Vodka, are developing a daring strategy to
enter the perfume/ aftershave market to launch a middle
price range product. Their thinking is to capture the attention
of their loyal vodka customers with this brand innovation.
One of the mandatory requirements for the project is to
successfully reflect the core brand values of Smirnoff Vodka
including its voice or narrative expression.
It is for you to explore/exploit by sound research a connection
from the loyal customer base to this new brand expression.
A product name will have to be developed that embodies core
product values but also amplifies this targets lifestyle and
aspirational values.
Perfume/aftershave is a sensory product that encapsulates
positive self image perceptions around a chosen lifestyle.
Packaging should therefore have a strong tactile element
embedded with the design. Major consideration should be
given to a variety of card/papers/substrates that can support
brand/ product enhancement.

1/ research and identify typical consumer profile
2/ research and identify core brand values of ( eg Smirnoff
Vodka) that will transfer across to new perfume/aftershave
3/ develop distinct narrative and brand value for perfume/
4/develop brand name for perfume/aftershave
5/ mood board A3 identifying colour/ textures/ process/
mood/ narrative etc ( see WGSN for visual examples)
6/ three to four development sheets of visual ideas/ concepts
with a specific focus on typography and layout, packaging
ideas etc
7/finalise perfume/aftershave packaging concepts with staff
8/using a variety of materials to print out and construct
perfume/aftershave packaging
9/ arrange and take appropriate level of quality photographs
of packaging.

Formative assessment week commencing 3rd March
submit via blog documentation of process and
design outcomes.

I have chosen to do this project based on the French vodka brand Ciroc.


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