Data Visualisation Seminar

February 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Professional Practice Seminar 06/02/14

In today’s seminar I showed examples of further, more complex experiments that I had done and talked about where to take my project from here. I reached a few conclusions:

  • The barcode generation went down really well and I should develop this further (as the example I showed only contained a sample of my data). This can be done by altering and analysing the design, adding typography etc. The maps were not as good of a design concept wise.
  • As the project is very personal it needs another side developing to it in order to make it more conceptual. Therefore as an extension to my personal data analysis, I will try to design a website – the idea of the website is to be an extension of Amazon or perhaps a software similar to Spotify which catalogues people’s book collections. It will show things such as what people are currently reading, allow them to scan in books they have that will go into their catalogue, and be an online social experience where you can review books, look at other people’s collections etc. For this I could develop a name, logo and header to be included in the design of the website. I will do some experimentation and drawings to aid this design.
  • The personal designs need a format rather than just being single designs. I will consider perhaps incorporating the designs into a book or on the website somehow. They could perhaps be developed into more of a narrative.

My list of definite designs I want to include in my personal analysis are as follows:

  1. Total amount of books I own
  2. How many I have read
  3. What percentage are fiction and non-fiction
  4. Total number of pages read
  5. Total cost of all the books
  6. Award Winners
  7. Genres
  8. Where are they from? (Store bought, gift, etc)
  9. Average reading habits spanned out across ten years and so on
  10. Where I have travelled in fiction?

I have done some (very) rough sketches to try and decide how I am going to approach these designs. More refined sketches will follow shortly.



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