D&AD Competition Brief: Seminar

February 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Competition 13/02/14

Today was the first seminar on the competition briefs. We discussed people’s initial ideas, the types of submission that are acceptable and how to approach the project. As stated before I have chosen to do the Tyler, The Creator option on the brief. It was stressed the importance of re-reading the brief and highlighting key ideas and requirements. We were given some directives in terms of some artists and institutions to look at for our research. I like the idea of approaching the piece typographically – having looked at the video of Tyler’s performance and acceptance speech I had the idea of including quotes from the speech in the design. The speech is quite outlandish and would be interesting to use in the portrayal of the event.

I have also started to draw out an interpretation of Tyler and am currently working on this in Illustrator. The drawing is based on the jump he does when he wins the award and I’ve tried to get across his personality in facial expression, etc. The illustration is going to be a slightly different style than I have done before, rather than a vector from a photograph I’m going to replicate this drawing and make the lines really defined and obvious.



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