D&AD Competition Brief: Seminar

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Competition 20/02/14

After showing the designs in my seminar this morning I was given some directives on how to improve the idea and take it forward.

  • The typography looks a bit lost within the white space of the background. I should try to make it a bit more punchy by altering the size of various different words, to show emphasis on particular words, and perhaps consider adding a background. I should experiment with different typefaces and remove the asterisk from the swear words – I realised there would not be an issue with submitting explicit language in the design as I am trying to portray an explicit character. Manipulating the type somehow could come up with some interesting results.
  • I should try to push it a bit more and make it more impactful – experiment with an array of composition colours and sizes. I could look at the design of tie dye and try to incorporate a sickly palette of colours to try and depict the imagery associated with Tyler. I should also include the date of the event in the design as this is quite significant.

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