Branding Yourself / Taking Your Brand Online

March 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Workshop 14/03/14


During workshop week I chose to attend the Branding Yourself/Taking Your Brand Online session hosted by Miles Thorpe, ex Huddersfield Graphics Design student, employee at Fantastic Media Leeds and creator of the student based portfolio website Unifolio.

To make a successful brand, consistency is key – if you want to become successful and recognised then make your personal brand all about you. Setting a goal is important – who do we want to be seen by, how do we want to be seen and what we ultimately want want to become are some core things to think about – especially how we will achieve this within our brand. Having a target market is a great benefit when designing, it gives a more focus approach to the design process.

Networking is also vital. It helps to build up contacts that will be necessary in future. A simple personal identity can be created by using a colour scheme, typography and images/photos/logos that link to our personal brand identity. Don’t make things too complex – as stated before, simplicity and consistency are the best combination.


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