Further Dissertation Prep & Subliminal Advertising

March 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Design Practice in Context 2 Lecture 26/03/14

Gather together as much information as possible in assembling the literature review – you are light laying the ground work; it sets up different pockets of theory and practice that all come together and enable us to say something new/something fresh. It sets up the platform that can be used as a springboard to say something interesting. Who are the key theorists/texts/practitioners/designers that feature strongly in the argument that you are giving? It sets up a framework and talks about historical works of significance that are related to the topic. Some of the more creative dissertations bring together two things that you might not have thought worked initially.

Outlining and regurgitating ideas that have already been used can get you an acceptable mark but the high grade work tries to say something new. Methodology must be appropriate to the topic. If using questionnaires they must be widespread (100+ responses) in order to get accurate feedback. Interviews and case studies can be used as a reference point.

Subliminal Advertising is where coded messages are inserted into images, sound, film, that may persuade you to do something – a manipulative element. It has a conspiracy theory status that feeds into pop culture as well. There was a particular outbreak of subliminal advertising in the 70s. The idea of hermeneutic (multiple) theory analysis and the structures of social control coming together would lead to an argument that is largely critical.


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