Branding Yourself / Taking Your Brand Online

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Workshop 14/03/14


During workshop week I chose to attend the Branding Yourself/Taking Your Brand Online session hosted by Miles Thorpe, ex Huddersfield Graphics Design student, employee at Fantastic Media Leeds and creator of the student based portfolio website Unifolio.

To make a successful brand, consistency is key – if you want to become successful and recognised then make your personal brand all about you. Setting a goal is important – who do we want to be seen by, how do we want to be seen and what we ultimately want want to become are some core things to think about – especially how we will achieve this within our brand. Having a target market is a great benefit when designing, it gives a more focus approach to the design process.

Networking is also vital. It helps to build up contacts that will be necessary in future. A simple personal identity can be created by using a colour scheme, typography and images/photos/logos that link to our personal brand identity. Don’t make things too complex – as stated before, simplicity and consistency are the best combination.


Crim Collective Workshop

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Workshop 19/11/13



crim_workshop - Version 5 crim_workshop - Version 9 crim_workshop - Version 8 crim_workshop - Version 7 crim_workshop - Version 6 crim_workshop crim_workshop - Version 3 crim_workshop - Version 4


This week is workshop week, and my chosen workshop was the Crim Collective Wall Painting workshop. Using the pen tool and a strict colour scheme in Illustrator I created these shapes using only triangles. Some of the designs were then projected on to the studio wall, and by drawing down them and restricting certain areas with masking tape, we were able to re-create some of the shapes on the studio wall.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 15.03.10


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